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Payment is usually not required until your document has been completed to your satisfaction, although we may request payment in advance on long manuscripts from new clients.

Invoices, estimates, and statements of delivery can be downloaded from this site or sent by e-mail or air-mail. Japanese clients can receive all documentation in English or Japanese.

Payment can be made online by VISA, Amex, Discover, or Mastercard; by PayPal; or bank wire transfer. Our invoices include all information required. After payment, a receipt for your accounts can be downloaded from this site or received by e-mail, or air-mail*. Please note that we DO NOT accept any form of paper payment (no personal checks, bank checks, or money orders).

We regularly receive official payments from universities and research organizations around the world. Most official payments are by wire transfer; please see your finance officials.

* A small service charge is added for air-mail delivery of financial paperwork.

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