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We usually do not need figures - just copy the captions and any text used in the figures and paste them into the end of your document.

If you think that the figures are essential for reference, then please upload them online. Figures can be sent in any format that can be viewed in recent versions of Chrome/Explorer/Firefox, Opera, etc., such as jpeg or tiff, or as PDF, Excel, or Powerpoint files.

If the figures included in your document are complex or include text that cannot be easily edited, then please copy the text and place it below the figures or at the end of the document so that we can revise the text if necessary.

To upload figures FOR REFERENCE ONLY:

After uploading your document you will see a link that allows you to upload figures FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Until the document is processed, there is also a link to 'Add Figures' in the 'Action' column in 'Documents' (under 'Members' in the sidebar).