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All documents should be submitted via your online account. Please save your document in Word (.doc or .docx), Wordperfect, Rich Text Format (.rtf), or text (.txt) before uploading.
Please note that we DO NOT edit PDF files and do not accept compressed files.

We also accept TeX/LaTeX documents, but these will usually be edited in a text editor and the TeX/LaTeX formatting may need minor repair after editing. The wordcount for TeX/LaTeX documents is estimated; we recommend that you include your estimate of the wordcount when uploading the document. Copy all tex files into one file and save as a Word, RTF, or text file. If submitting a TeX/LaTeX document, please also upload a PDF version for easy reference if possible (upload as a 'figure', after uploading the tex version). For confidentiality, please do not include authors' names and affiliations in the PDF version.


Figures submitted for reference should be in a format that can be viewed with Chrome/Firefox/Explorer, or in PDF, Excel, or Powerpoint.

ALL text in figures that you want us to check should be copied into the end of your document so that we can edit it easily.