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Refund Policy
Refund policy for credit card payments

We will issue a full refund if:

1. Someone has used your credit/debit card fraudulently.
2. Any other illegal or non-approved/non-sanctioned use of your credit/debit card or billing information.
3. If there is a mistake made, as solely determined by Textcheck Inc., with respect to two or more payment transactions being processed for ONE submission. This is defined as a double-payment for the same submission.

Refund policy for editing services

If your article is rejected after our editing (subject to an unaltered submission to the journal) solely due to poor English - there must be no other technical reason or weakness in the study, pointed out by the journal reviewer/editor - you may request us to examine the document to consider a full refund or re-editing. (We highly recommend re-editing as it will usually be sufficient to make your article acceptable). However, the opinion of journal reviewers and editors is often unreliable – many are not native speakers of English – and if we consider the journal’s opinion incorrect then no refund will be given. We do not provide a refund in case of the customer's own dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, to qualify for a refund or free re-editing, the manuscript must have initially been edited by us IN FULL, including all figure and table legends, the reported data (presented in tables and figures), references, etc. If a manuscript is partially edited, e.g., references are excluded, the excluded part may contain errors and may lead to a consequent rejection.

No refund is possible if a document has been published or accepted for publication.

Requesting a Refund:

Refund requests are considered valid up to 6 months from the date of payment, unless otherwise stipulated, no exceptions. To request a refund, please email accounts@textcheck.com with details of your request.

Details to be included in your request; indicate which submission is to be refunded (including invoice number), and supporting documents (proof of double payment).